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Benjamin Smith


スミス  ベンジャミン
Benjamin has been teaching English here in Kanazawa since early 2006.  He was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada and spent six years living in Toronto before moving to Japan.  He has travelled extensively around North America, Europe and Asia. A lover of nature, he enjoys camping and BBQs with his family and friends in the summer, and snowboarding and watching hockey in the winter. His friendly, relaxed approach puts students at ease, and makes lessons enjoyable for all. 
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Lucas Lilly

リリー ルーカス

Lucas never expected to stay such a long time when he arrived in Japan over 15 years ago.  But the charm of Kanazawa, with its plentiful onsen and delicious sushi kept him here.  Born in western Canada to adventurous parents, Lucas moved no less than 10 times growing up, in both America and Canada.  He has traveled the world, from Cuba to Laos to Australia, only to finally feel at home in Kanazawa.  You can be sure that his classes are always fun, relaxing and informative.  When he is not teaching, you can usually find him on his bike or with his children Kaede and Asa. 

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