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We are an English language school located in Izumi, Kanazawa (see our map here).  We offer a unique and original learning atmosphere in our traditional Japanese townhouse or "Machiya", just have a look at some of our photos!  Shining Star was founded in 2012 by two experienced English instructors from Canada.  Both are long time residents of Kanazawa, and have over 10 years teaching experience.  You can find more about them on our instructors page.  Our focus is on teaching useful, natural, "everyday" English, but we are happy to help no matter what your situation.  Planning a trip abroad?  Have a presentation for school or work?  Need to take a test such as the TOEIC or EIKEN?  Want to give your children a head start in English? 

We can help you. 

Please visit our lesson information page for more details or contact us at or by telephone at 090 9443 7827 (Japanese OK!). 

We hope to hear from you soon!

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